Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Poem: Kenya


An elephant’s power will be felt in its stride
No obstacles standing can divert them aside
Confident swagger in their marching along
Seemingly gentle, yet latently strong

Contrast with the grace of a giraffe’s slender cast
Softness implied as an elegance, vast
Legs to forever and neck stretching high
Trees reaching upward can’t extend to deny

Majestic, the lion, truly king and queens of the plain
Huntress stalks onward toward its prey by restrain
Male lies proudly with mane grandly sculpted
His Highness presides ever surely exulted

Speed of a cheetah feeds exhilaration fast growing
The moment awaits when a hunt’s undergoing

Zebra and warthog, hyena or jackal
Only first truly feel them when they live without shackle

The hooligan baboons as they probe of the camp
You can sniff at the tent, 3 A.M., naughty scamp!

For me it’s the leopard as definitive resplendence
Shoulder blades roll with a gait of ascendance
Or perched on a branch to survey the terrain
Eyes piercing distance with no hint of a strain
The cunning and beauty, and remarkable stealth
As I watch full of wonder I’ve a limitless wealth
Copyright SGW 2017