Saturday, March 16, 2013

Poem: Shepherd

(Dedicated to the thousands of children sexually abused and then betrayed again.)

A “keystone” as timeless as time might forget
Rituals formed by the years long since set
The shepherd’s high platform builds the virtuous mask
Bejeweled and berobed, in the worship he’d bask
Archaic the rules and the doctrinaire dance
Awash in the vastness of adoration’s expanse

The shepherd holds riches unimagined to know
But he will pray from above; wash some feet all for show
The money-held bounty would make any banker soon blush
All the gold and the silver kept in secret’s cold hush

His castle’s been fed by corruption and greed
The sins of the evils as foundational screed
With fraud of no limit by the crimes since amassed
Long been swept under rugs through the centuries passed

Neanderthal thinking from what’s best as extinct
A homophobe, anti-woman and a Dark Ages link

The monsters protected are the shepherd’s right hands
Obfuscation, eluding and a bullying brand
Children as wreckage left abused and destroyed
All the tools of destruction were too quickly deployed
Grave the transgressions laid ‘pon innocent victims
And from Lucifer’s scepter come the unholy dictums

No godly existence in this evil wrung deep
Mindlessly follow stand the shepherd’s blind sheep

Copyright SGW 2013

The sexual abuse of children is among the most vile and evil of crimes that can be committed.  Thousands of children were preyed on by priests in the Catholic Church.  Most will never get justice because the leadership of the Church, all the way to the Vatican, and Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI, thought it better to protect the wealth and power of the Church, than the children who most needed protection.