Thursday, September 25, 2014

Poem: Makhoche

Rolling hills of knee-high grass
Gentle breeze weaves through the pass
Endless fields touch spacious skies
Puffy clouds sing lullabies
Drive beside the rock constructions
Canyons yield to mass productions
Needles Eye and hairpin bends
Revealing paths to heights ascends
Land is filled with untamed presence
A wildlife-forming coalescence
Multitudes of bison graze
Prairie dogs chirp communiqu├ęs
Pronghorns dance ‘cross open fields
Big-horn sheep stay more concealed
Badlands gleam a haunting vision
Like earth and moon in mass collision
Chiseled scenes dwell outside time
Severely formed; a world sublime
Remark upon the timeless range
Rest assured it won’t soon change

Copyright SGW 2014