Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Poem: Bush's Mess

With the recent decisions to extend the war in Iraq and increase troop levels, while simultaneously beginning to embrace the Baker-Hamilton Commission report (too late) and open dialogue with Iran (also, too late), the Bush Administration continues to run into brick walls then state, "We meant to do that." Soon, success in Iraq will be defined by Bush as identifying where the country is on a map. This is my telling of the Bush disaster that is the Iraq War.

Bush’s Mess

September 11 brought the enemy front, center.
On Afghani soil our troops had to enter.
Since limited number, to militias deferred;
Bin Laden escaped, while in secret conferred
Illegitimate leaders with a devious plan;
Iraq the real target ignoring Afghanistan.
So as terror remained and its dominion survived,
Leaders Bush, Cheney, Rummy, and Condi connived.
Though no Qaeda connection and of dubious threat;
Twisted intelligence and lying beset;
Troops were diverted to a perilous mission;
Denying our interests ‘cept for business provision.
No planning was laid for a post-war Iraq.
Mismanagement reigned in a country off track.
Stubborn rejection of all rational thought;
For that’s what you get when your leaders are bought.
Iraq’s broken out in civil war with no end.
We’ve emboldened Iran and delivered them friends.
Shia now rule o’er a new “Iran-west.”
For all of the trouble, it is us they detest.
More so ironic, al Qaeda’s gained power;
Where once non-existent, we’ve brought them to flower.
The tally will show blood abundantly spilled.
Three thousand dead soldiers and many locals been killed.
Yet Bush digs in further as he counts down his days;
To play out the string via lies and delays.
Question what we are left with from tyrants who fail;
Our nation less safe and the White House for sale.
We’ve lost world respect and our high ground has crumbled.
The Bush time in office will be viewed as all bumbled.
That’s what is left us and that’s what we get,
When a man of no virtues we do somehow “elect.”
Subtly he switches by a forced opposition;
Plans once ignored he must now requisition;
Changing the story that can fit a “success,”
Lowering the bar though he’ll never confess.
But few still deceived by this mess of his making;
Though asleep for too long, now the people are waking.
Bush will be judged a contemptible liar.
Many have died ‘fore his term could expire.

Copyright SGW 2007

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Poem: Grand Canyon

When I stood before the Grand Canyon, I was speechless. No pictures I had seen before could have done justice to the sense of overwhelm one feels upon viewing this marvel for the first time. Eyes wander from place to place, searching each aspect of the rock. Simply put, the Grand Canyon is beautiful and a testament to nature's magnificence.

I told a friend of mine that I did not think I could describe it in words and openly wondered if I would ever be able to write a poem that would do justice to the Grand Canyon. With that in mind, I went for a modest approach. For those of you who have witnessed the Grand Canyon firsthand, perhaps this touches on what you saw. To all the others out there, maybe this will grant you a small taste and lure you to see for yourselves.

Grand Canyon

Built with patience of endless time
Years erode and shapes define
Layers yield their counted age
Eyes can see but cannot gauge
Stand agape with awe inspired
Image reads of life transpired
Cliffs reach out to touch the sky
Paths lead down where rivers lie
Colors, shapes and shadows meld
Here, a place forever held
Walk away yet never part
Body leaves but not the heart

Copyright SGW 2007

Sunday, May 20, 2007

My latest traveling adventure

I am just returned from a trip to Sedona and the Grand Canyon. Let's start with a big WOW!!

Sedona is an important place if you are a spiritual person. While the area is being quickly torn apart by development and opportunistic millionaires, it remains a strong place for energy flow. The rock formations are amazing, and hiking the red rocks is a must. I experienced the power of vortexes at Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and, my favorite, Airport Mesa. The strength of these places is intense.

Also, if in the town of Sedona, while avoiding the hype of the commercial ripoffs is tough, I highly recommend a Reiki session at Body Bliss Factory Direct. I had an amazing session with Chanda, who provided me with a half hour of enlightenment and opening. I remain in a place of energy flow as I evolve from the encounter.

The Grand Canyon is beyond words, but I will try. You arrive at the various viewing points and are immediately overwhelmed. The eye does not know where to focus. The rock formations and the beauty of this wonder is proof of nature's force. I highly recommend Mather Point, Grand View Point, Hopi Point, and the views from Grand Canyon Village.

If you are as lucky as I was, you might see elk, bobcats, condors, and baby birds being fed in a tree nest (pictures will be coming in the future). We did not encounter bear or mountain lions, but "chasing" a bobcat was somewhere between exhilarating, stupid and once in a lifetime.

Also, if you go to the Grand Canyon, take a helicopter tour. I spent nearly an hour above the Canyon, and the perspective is not attainable without such a trip. The tours are fairly cheap and well worth it.

We did no major hiking, as we did not have the equipment nor time, but perhaps on another trip. I would love the chance to walk the valleys and bath in the Colorado River.

Look for some pictures and maybe poems in the coming weeks.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Poem: Role Model

Role Model

If I were a golfer, I’d be Tiger
As a revolutionary, Thomas J.
To be a painter, how I would love the touch of Pollock
And as a leader, surely Nelson Mandela
But if I could be one person;
Just one.
You, dad, you.

Copyright SGW 2007