Sunday, March 22, 2009

Poem: Time Running

Time Running

The choices are plentiful,
Or is it more lack thereof.
Trapped by the indecision
From a multitude of chance;
This path, that road or ... somewhere.
Decisions are bound by fear,
Like the chaos of panic;
“What to be’s” know no answer,
And resolution dwindles;
Dwindles down into darkness.
Is there a place to turn to?
Unknowns cast a cloud of doubt
Over skies once built in hope,
So now as the clock ticks on;
Await the clarion call;
It is time, Scott, it is time;
Choose ... choose right ... or suffer on.
These are my daily trials.

Copyright SGW 2007

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Poem: Insanity


As winter lies restless in tears of the mind

Storms leave the markings on a time undefined

Where whispers find calling in residued voice

Echoes of laughter ‘long the walls of no choice

Harassed by the demons holding bitter-pill wish

The pains served as trials are an unpleasant dish

Quickly, seek cover, darkest clouds find the sky

Believe there’s no danger and buy into your lie

Copyright SGW 2009