Friday, November 25, 2016

Poem: Milk and Honey

Israel changes you. There is a deep, spiritual connection that takes over your soul.

Milk And Honey

Layers of lives past, embrace
Power in God face to face
Hands touching Wall feels the grace
Holiest highs to this place
Extremes doth remain a disgrace
Warmth, loving peace should replace

Float ‘pon the Dead Sea, serene
Walk through Masada’s lost scene
History knows what’s unseen
Too much the hate as routine
More than enough shared between
Caring, the hope I’ve foreseen
Wash away fear to ‘come clean
Killing knows none of God’s gleam

All of these people converge
World’s (main) three religions must merge
I’ve walked ‘long the roads to emerge
Joining of hands one must urge
Beautiful land reemerge
Israel brings forth heaven’s touch
Opening hearts offers much

Copyright SGW 2016

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Poem: Trump Mindset

Trump Mindset
(Dedicated to his supporters)
He is only a symptom.
A diseased contagion spread
From recesses of mindless
Hatred and inflamed raging.
Racism branching outward.
Frightened by what is not them,
For they are cowards and fools,
With orange, soulless leader.

The buffoons follow like sheep.
And he will steal where he can,
Because all he is, is thief,
Carnival barker and fraud.

How much destruction awaits?

SGW 2016