Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Damien Rice

I love music on so many levels. It inspires me, soothes me, breaths life into my poetry, and is a peaceful place to exist within. I am listening to Damien Rice's latest CD, "9," which just arrived on my doorstep, and, oh man, is it good! His previous effort, "O," is arguably the best album ever made for my money, but this one is amazing, too. Rice is unique, diverse and filled with so much depth.

I do not feel worthy of reviewing Damien Rice's work. All I can tell you is this: Buy "O" and "9." You can't love music and not have these two albums.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Poem: Fear or Pleasure

Fear or Pleasure

Standing in the water
Violently beating surf
Fighting it -
Left with weighted pockets of sand.

Standing in the water
Passionately striking surf
Flowing with it -
Left with cleansed ocean senses.

Copyright SGW 1998

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Poem: Pointless Pretending

Pointless Pretending

Flowing of words needs releasing
Static of life is increasing
Silent, the pen sounds a warning
Night won’t relent to the morning
Wasteland of empty expression
Mind sinks to numbing depression
Body and soul torn asunder
Empty, the heart’s lost its wonder
Poet can’t speak through the shouting
Once there was hope, now there’s doubting
Love is no longer existing
Achings and pains are persisting
Story of sadness unending
Search for a pointless pretending.

Copyright SGW 2006

Monday, November 6, 2006

Melody Gardot: Worrisome Heart

Curl up on the couch (in my case, with the cat), light some candles and hit the play button - Melody Gardot might have a "Worrisome Heart," but she talks about it with a voice that combines uncommon depth with gentle, soothing textures. Gardot's is a blues/jazz sound that is smooth and yet also raw and impassioned.

The layers of Gardot's songs are blended together within an at times playful, tenderness, and at other moments a sultry, slow and seductive undercurrent. Joined by superb musicians, which includes Gardot's own guitar playing and some down right fine piano (particularly on "Quiet Fire"), Gardot puts forth an effort that will take you to a dark, musty bar somewhere buried away inside the places where the heart resides. She sneaks up on the listener in many cases, with a finger snapping beat. However, at other times, such as on "Wicked Ride," Gardot tugs at the deepest elements of the soul.

In reading the liner notes of "Worrisome Heart," or on her website, Gardot mentions a terrible accident she suffered involving her and a jeep. She has obviously been through a tremendous challenge that only serves to enhance what she has accomplished here. "Some Lessons" touches upon the experience, but in a way that is inspiring and promising. One cannot help but to admire Melody Gardot for her strength.

Nothing I can say will do Melody Gardot true justice as an artistic talent. The only thing I can recommend if you want to connect with an amazingly gifted singer/songwriter of the blues/jazz genre is to buy "Worrisome Heart." Do it now! Melody needs a pair of pants (read her myspace site).

Poem: Gone


The long goodbyes will never end
A breaking heart that cannot mend
The strongest will does break and bend

The empty soul has simply died
So starved for love that’s been denied
Discovered truth had also lied

The dreams once sure have washed away
Replaced by thoughts of yesterday
A bed’s gone cold where once we’d lay

Copyright SGW 2006