Sunday, December 6, 2015

Poem: Right Wing

Right Wing

From the voices of demagogues a fiery rise
Bred of intolerance, racism, lies
Economic illness or enemies about
Shadowy whispers; frenzying shout

NAZI ascension, McCarthy unhinged
Refugees, migrants whose rights are infringed
Tea Party madness, European extreme
All Muslims evil and no Mexican Dream!
Sixty’s equality viewed through bigoted lens
Miscegenation, disruption, a needing to “cleanse”
Japanese internment built upon cowardly spark
Always shift rightward when the future looks dark

Times of complexity reduced to simplistic
Irrational thought wipes away realistic
Easy to fear as deflective conveyance
Reasoned solutions are kept in abeyance
Population turns rightward into fascism’s grip
Morality, decency and humanity slip
Inflamed by the passion of a self-righteous rage
No logical offering can be hoped to assuage

We must learn from our errors and dangerous past
For the present holds warnings in the dye being cast
Falling prey to the voices of this close-minded thought
The price will be paid in the hatred we’ve wrought

Copyright SGW 2015