Sunday, August 30, 2009

Poem: Damn, It's God

Damn, It's God

God as musician is a curious picture.

Creator of lyrics as opposed to the scripture.

Plays a guitar, strumming notes to some song.

His tuning is perfect; His picking is strong.

Smooth in His style, with a finest detail;

Biblical storied, instrumental portrayal.

Perhaps He'd do covers. I could think of a few.

How cool would it be if Joan Osborne He'd do?

Invokes roused ovations. Sometimes heads bowed in deference.

Solo or band? One must wonder his preference.

Discover this artist who has growing appeal.

Damn, but it's God with his own record deal!

Copyright SGW 2005

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Health Care Insurance Reform Truths

Ok, I know the astroturfers, right wingnuts and all FOX "News folks won't understand this, but for everyone else, these two charts give the debate some truth.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Why Universal Health Care

If I am walking down the street and I see a man lying in the road in pain, but I continue on without offering a helping hand, I am wrong and I lack compassion.

If I stop and tell that man that he needs to "buck up" and help himself, then I am cruel.

If I tell him, "Look, I feel good, so you are not my problem," then I am selfish and cruel.

If I go home to a beautiful house and look out to the street, see the man and say to myself, "Life is grand up here, those in the streets suffering will feel better if they help themselves and they can if they put their mind to it," then I am living in an ivory tower.

I am the people of this nation. I am the public. I am obligated, en masse, to help the people who cannot do for themselves.

And this applies to health care.

And the only way that all can be helped is with a strong public option toward universal health care.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Poem: Demagoguery

Because it is time to stop the lies and fearmongering, and pass real health care reform.


Change came to country as an answer of hope

Eight years a ruin of unimaginable scope

But stirred up solutions might leave some quite in dread

They will cling to the past and new lies they’ve been fed

Rise up in anger as an ignorant lot

By demagogues led in a cynical plot

“Socialists,” “NAZI’s,” the hyperbole scream

“Killing of seniors” by a “death panel” scheme

Yet shouting in madness can belie greatest fear

“Birthers” and “Deathers” simply can’t come to bear

A black man in power who will stand up and lead

When he threatened entrenchment they would soon plant the seed

Of America’s death knell yet the truth ‘came opaque

Where you don’t have the facts then the facts you must make

So Senator Grassley and crazy Glenn Beck

Spin all your spin and serve up your dreck

Lie for us Sarah with Palinesque charm

To hell with an answer – we can sound false alarm

Copyright SGW 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summing up the nuts

In looking at the lies of the wingnuts on health care ... killing seniors, rationing care, etc..., ... and the means of how they are promoting this demagoguery via loud voices, threats, intimidation, and calls to violence, I found an Op-ed by Charles M. Blow in August 8, 2009 N.Y. Times to be particularly good. A few quotes from Mr. Blow:

"Belligerence is the currency of the intellectually bankrupt."

"Let's face it: This is no party of Einsteins. Really, it isn't. A Pew poll last month found that only 6 percent of scientists said they were Republicans."

"... the debate is too important to be hijacked by hooligans."