Saturday, September 18, 2004

A word of welcome

Ah, here I go, entering the ever-growing world of blogging. At the urging of Natasha over at Pacific Views, I am christening this blog, "Poetic Leanings," and we will see where things lead. I hope to be posting poetry from time to time, but also my general thoughts on politics and various other topics.

This blog will tilt to the Left politically because, well, tilting to the right would just be stupid. I will also speak out on issues near and dear to me such as mentoring, the environment, life in New Jersey, sports, poetry, books, and, well, whatever I damn well feel like writing about - it is my blog after all!!

Assuming I figure out how things work in this brave new world of blogging, I will try to reference things from my favorite blogs - Pacific Views, Smirking Chimp and Daily Kos. I also will nag like crazy to raise funds or awareness for causes near and dear, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Lance Armstrong Foundation, various political, environmental and social groups, and independent music that I love.

Ok, so my first post is done. Let's hit publish and see what happens next! Let me know you are out there so I know I have an audience to write to.

Addendum of December 19, 2007: The political commentary is gone, but the leanings remaining in the words of many of the poems. Enjoy.

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