Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Things that piss me off

Forgive the rant, but I am in a mood.

1. People who throw their cigarette butts out the car window. Really, people who throw any trash anywhere but in a garbage pail, but cigarette butts are the worst.
2. While we are still on the subject of cigarettes, how about the following:
a) People who smoke in homes with children.
b) People who smoke outside the entrance to Sloan-Kettering. Is there anything more ignorant?
c) People who smoke anywhere near me.
3. A space that was once trees, grass and birds turned into another strip mall. Yeah, we really need a third drugstore, fourth Subway and eighth Quickie Mart in the neighborhood. No, five Home Depots in a 2 mile span are not enough!
4. People who think George Bush is a strong man. He is a fucking dope and coward; get over it!
5. The guy who sweats like a pig at the gym and does not wipe down the machine at all. Yuck!
6. The driver who pulls right into the middle of the intersection and does not allow me to turn out of the street I am patiently waiting at.
7. Anyone talking on a cell phone in a restaurant, movie theater, gym, or at a ballgame, in the middle of a busy store so everyone else can listen, or while in the stall next to me in the bathroom (I always think they are talking to me).
8. Oprah Winfrey.
9. Dr. Phil.
10. The person who just disappears instead of showing the courage to explain themselves first.
11. People who don't vote.
12. People who are anti-choice and do not volunteer with children either.
13. People who feel the need to inflict their religious beliefs on me to "save me."
14. Traffic jams.
15. People who do not return phone calls or respond to E Mails.
16. The Yankees, the football Giants or the Devils winning.
17. Fake, right wing patriotism.
18. Selfishness.
19. Greed.
20. Corruption.
21. Politicians who legislate hatred, exclusiveness or separation, and the voters who let them get away with it.
22. The lazy media.
23. My cable bill.
24. Calls from telemarketers, salesmen or fake charities.
25. Cheesy "music." Examples would be Britney Spears, boy bands, Beyonce, and either Simpson sister.
26. Speaking of the Simpsons, how about Reality TV, especially Trump's show. Pure dreck!
27. Foxs News Channel.
28. Interviewers who take 20 minutes to ask a question and end up providing sixteen different answers before the interviewee even has a chance to speak.
29. Racial, religious, sexual, or cultural bigotry.
30. My condo property management company.
31. SUVs. Why do people who live in the suburbs in NJ need a sports utility vehicle?

Ok, that's it for tonight. I feel better now.

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