Monday, June 13, 2005

Ten places I refuse to go

1. The White House. It is under currently criminal rule.
2. Yankee Stadium. As a professed Yankee hater, I cannot even go there to root against them.
3. Exxon-Mobil stations. Ever since Valdez.
4. Pizza Hut. I'm sorry, but that is not pizza to me. It looks and tastes like frozen pizza, which I find nasty. Blech!
5. The new strip mall around the corner from my house. We already have a giant foodstore, drug store, cleaners, coffeehouse, and bakery. Did we need a whole new set right next door?
6. Inside a home with big, killer dogs. They scare the shit out of me! My best friend had a German Shepherd that nearly tore me to shreds as a teenager, and I never went in his house again while that monster was alive.
7. The bathroom without reading materials. More on this in the coming days.
8. Anyplace that excludes other people based on race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender.
9. Chiropractors. One made my back significantly worse then it had been before and had the nerve to say, "Oops," when he did so. I have been warned by too many doctors to mention how what a chiropractor does is physiologically the opposite of what the spine should have done to it. I agree.
10. A Bush town hall meeting. Seeing as how you must sign an oath of allegiance, my hand is not capable of grasping a pen and writing my name next to anything that states support for a fascist buffoon who hates America.

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