Sunday, May 20, 2007

My latest traveling adventure

I am just returned from a trip to Sedona and the Grand Canyon. Let's start with a big WOW!!

Sedona is an important place if you are a spiritual person. While the area is being quickly torn apart by development and opportunistic millionaires, it remains a strong place for energy flow. The rock formations are amazing, and hiking the red rocks is a must. I experienced the power of vortexes at Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and, my favorite, Airport Mesa. The strength of these places is intense.

Also, if in the town of Sedona, while avoiding the hype of the commercial ripoffs is tough, I highly recommend a Reiki session at Body Bliss Factory Direct. I had an amazing session with Chanda, who provided me with a half hour of enlightenment and opening. I remain in a place of energy flow as I evolve from the encounter.

The Grand Canyon is beyond words, but I will try. You arrive at the various viewing points and are immediately overwhelmed. The eye does not know where to focus. The rock formations and the beauty of this wonder is proof of nature's force. I highly recommend Mather Point, Grand View Point, Hopi Point, and the views from Grand Canyon Village.

If you are as lucky as I was, you might see elk, bobcats, condors, and baby birds being fed in a tree nest (pictures will be coming in the future). We did not encounter bear or mountain lions, but "chasing" a bobcat was somewhere between exhilarating, stupid and once in a lifetime.

Also, if you go to the Grand Canyon, take a helicopter tour. I spent nearly an hour above the Canyon, and the perspective is not attainable without such a trip. The tours are fairly cheap and well worth it.

We did no major hiking, as we did not have the equipment nor time, but perhaps on another trip. I would love the chance to walk the valleys and bath in the Colorado River.

Look for some pictures and maybe poems in the coming weeks.

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