Friday, June 6, 2008

Remembering Daddy

It's a bit early for Father's Day, but check out this article at Newhouse News Service by Michele M. Melendez. She found me via the post I wrote last year called, "Father's Day." My post includes several poems, too.

Those who knew my father will appreciate both stories. Those who did not, should go "meet" an incredible guy.

Some fun observations on Michele's story:

1. I caught the baseball I am tossing in the picture despite looking at the camera.
2. The photographer picked the location, a small cemetery, saying, "I know it is a cemetery, but he (dad) did die." My family laughed the remark off, and the spot actually looks nice, but GEEZ!!
3. Now that those who have never seen me before can do so, do you understand my decision to use my cat, Boo, as my profile shot?
4. I hope "The Birmingham News" is one of the Newhouse papers to run the story. Southerners should see that not all of us up this way are Yankees; some are Dodgers.


SandyCarlson said...

That's a nice story. Very touching! And I like the photo. It's nice to know the face of the human being behind the very human writing on your blog!

From what I've read, I think it's never too early for Father's Day.

Thanks for sending me the link. God bless.

Poetikat said...

I loved being able to see your face! It is full of character and humour and you definitely look like someone I would love to spend the day with in person.

Wonderful story and quite a tribute. I hope your Father's Day is full of happy memories.


paisley said...

what an excellent article to be featured in.. my father,, who is still alive,, is one of jehovah's witnesses,, and thus disallows the "celebration" of fathers day,, but that has never stopped me from thinking of him with a special ray of devotion on that day,, or any other.....

STP said...

I had no idea that jehovah's did not celebrate Father's Day. I agree with your approach, Jodi.

Kat: Thanx for the kind words. If you come down to Jersey someday, we will do that hang out.

Sandy: Thanx.

Anonymous said...

Good Article...and you can take a good photo...I have seen them!