Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Guns, Guns and more Guns!

Ok, I am anti-gun. I do not believe the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms, and even if it did, the world was different in the 18th Century.

I see no need for high-tech equipment to be owned by regular people, do not believe that armed homes increase protection (more likely, the owner's will have an accidental shooting in the house involving their own children) and feel hunting is an unnecessary activity in today's society - not to mention being as far from sporting as possible.

We are a nation addicted to a terrible vice that has made us more violent and increasingly prone to violent deaths. Now, we've gone to the next level.

Harrold Independent School District in Texas is going to be arming its teachers. You can tell me how I should look at what happened in Columbine and Virginia Tech, to name a few. But I would argue that armed teachers will not prevent these events from happening. I hope I am wrong, but mark my words when I say that the first news event relating to this will be as follows:

1. Smart alec kid gets a tad over-obnoxious;
2. Teacher with gun has had a bad few days;
3. Smart alec kid pushes the teacher's buttons;
4. Teacher shoots smart alec kid and kills a child.


Poetikat said...

I am totally in agreement. Did you see Bowling for Columbine? I will never forget the interview with Charlton Heston - he was so pathetic and yet still clinging to his NRA propaganda. I completely lost respect for Tom Selleck after I learned he was an advocate. I have no time for smoking, or guns!


SandyCarlson said...

There's nothing like setting the stage for the accident just waiting to happen.

This thing in Texas should have us all looking at how we raise our kids and what we expect at school.

STP said...

But then that would require us working and re-evaluating, and we just don't want to do that. It would also mean us being forced to stop clinging to, and yes we cling, to our dear guns.

How about parents talking to and spending time with their kids? How about more counseling programs? How about not selling guns at Walmart? How about better background checks? How about closing the loopholes in our laws?

Nah, let's give teachers guns and wait for the OK Corral shootout in the classroom.

paisley said...

i think this is a travesty... sometimes i wish we could invent light sabers, or whatever they are called like in the sci fi movies so that we can subdue if necessity arises without maiming and killing each other..

i would prefer a world with no weapons what so ever,, so it is difficult for me to imagine a world where guns are necessary to teach school.....

Gbex and Ellen said...

just droppin by to say hello and good day!

Gbex and Ellen said...

just droppin by to say hello and good day!

Gbex and Ellen said...

just droppin by to say hello and good day!

Epiphany said...

I wonder if a teacher would be able to actually shoot a student - armed or not. Sure, I've had some awful teachers - especially Sister Kathleen - but I can't help but think that the teacher would hesitate, be shot by the student, and there would be one more gun up for grabs.

STP said...

The flaw in your thought is that you are thinking with a goodness that is not necessarily inherent in every teacher. This will end badly if the scale increases.

Fenny said...

So true Scott ... this will surely spawn another tragedy ... seems to me like things are being twisted here ... instead of making sure guns and/or other weapons stay far from schools ... they go arm teachers ... and think about it ... why??? ... do they expect the teachers to use those guns??? ... and against who??? ... and would you send your children to such a school??? ... or would you want to be a teacher on such a school???