Monday, August 24, 2009

Why Universal Health Care

If I am walking down the street and I see a man lying in the road in pain, but I continue on without offering a helping hand, I am wrong and I lack compassion.

If I stop and tell that man that he needs to "buck up" and help himself, then I am cruel.

If I tell him, "Look, I feel good, so you are not my problem," then I am selfish and cruel.

If I go home to a beautiful house and look out to the street, see the man and say to myself, "Life is grand up here, those in the streets suffering will feel better if they help themselves and they can if they put their mind to it," then I am living in an ivory tower.

I am the people of this nation. I am the public. I am obligated, en masse, to help the people who cannot do for themselves.

And this applies to health care.

And the only way that all can be helped is with a strong public option toward universal health care.

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Scott G said...

So True. But some believe that the proper thing to do is tell the person that they need to get their own health care because if the government helps, then Hitler wins. Of course, many of those people are on Medicare, but that doesn't count