Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Poem: Incitement


Shots ring out in the morning air
Death comes to young and old
Snuffed out by madness

Madness enflamed
Madness incited
Madness called upon
Madness condoned

With targets, speech and fear
Of violent rhetoric en masse

You called for this day
Asked for it

And it came

It came and a nine year old is gone
It came and a judge is dead
It came and left others lost
And still more, clinging to life

You – Palin, Angle, Bachmann, Perry, teabaggers
Blood is on your lips

Copyright SGW 2011


Elizabeth S said...

This is real life. This is not hollywood. Behave like the civil, public servants you claim to want to be in the name of america, in the name of lady liberty, in the name of god and stop the gossip and the placing of price tags and targets on the head of your fellow man so that you may hang them on your wall next to the poor, innocent moose you slaughter.
There is such a thing as liable, of responsability and hate is hate, you all seem to claim to hate no one and are stunned wjen we think different. It is a game? A sport? Get your heads out of the clouds and live, eat and breathe like the responsable leaders you campaign to be. May God have mercy on all of you, but it seems more likely that the devil will have his way with you. Maybe you can not help your selves and are as sick as our latest shooter? Maybe you got a personalized, engraved invitation to hell and you think it is too late. If I were you I would try redemption, I would try forgiveness and iwould try love. This hate thing works for no one, never has. Why do you think it will work for you? Do you even think of the end result collectivly? What a mess you are now.

-rachelleeashlee. said...

I really like this one, and the way you touched on reality.

STP said...

Elizabeth: Yes.

Rachelle: Thank you. A very sad, tragic event that needs to change minds brought this poem out.