Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Chicago, Chicago, you're my kinda' town ...

... Well, I hope so anyway. I have never been outside O'Hare Airport, so this Memorial Day weekend adventure that I am starting Thursday evening will be something new. Hopefully, the weather will allow me to get there in a timely fashion and also to enjoy my long weekend in the Windy City. Saturday is critical, as we have Cubs' tickets. Everything else will just be educated winging it.

Although, I am also still hopeful to meet up with a friend while there. Friend, are we meeting?

The other friend I am traveling with usually brings his laptop, so hopefully I will be able to post on Poetic Leanings. I have some stuff lined up to put out there for you, including some poetry.

Either way, check out some of the blogs I link to along the right side of my main page. They are all worth the read. However, I would bet I will be able to post over the weekend.

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