Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Practical Press

No, this is not a post professing to view the mainstream media in a positive light. "HA" is what I say to that! However, I noticed that The Practical Press is a blog that links to Poetic Leanings. Being curious as to who these practically pressing people were, I went and looked, and lo and behold I found a little blogging community of creative peeps!

Hello creative peeps!

They describe themselves as "the place where bloggers come to be creative -- fiction, poetry, drama, screenplays, art, photos, literary reviews and discussion, we do it all." And they do it well, too. I noticed some familiar names in the contributors list, especially Mrs. Shakes, but also OldWhiteLady and Lab Kat, who have passed through Poetic Leanings before, and a few others who I have seen in the comments sections elsewhere. I suspect that one of them is responsible for making people aware of me, so ...

... be aware of them, too. Great writers abound and you should go check them out. I especially like "Bad Poetry Friday." How sarcastically, hip.

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