Sunday, September 4, 2005

Watching my cat

I was home for the better part of the evening the other night. Between watching a ballgame, talking on the phone, making dinner, and surfing about on the computer, I would periodically watch my cat, Boo. Granted, I've been watching my little furball for years now, but something struck me in this case.

Boo sleeps a lot. He lounges about most of the time. Every so often, he gets up a burst of energy, runs around the house and then plops down wherever and rests.

Boo almost seems presidential. Interestingly, he is black and white in appearance, much as the president is in thought. Hmmm.

Disclaimer: My cat is way cooler and too smart for this comparison, but the inherent leisureliness of a cat sure can strike you as being similar to our ever-vacationing president.

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