Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Eight ... er ...Ten Random Facts About Me

Catherine, that fiend (said with affection) over at Poverty Barn, has tagged me (and now I've been tagged by Kat at Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes), so I will share eight random facts about me. As I told Catherine in her comments section, I won't tag anyone else as I have been a pest lately, E Mailing poems and other things to too many people. I don't know if I will get hit by blogosphere lightening or something now, but here are my eight:

1. I love coffee ice cream, preferably Days in Ocean Grove, New Jersey.
2. I love to read, but I am a slower reader who tends to get distracted and reads in short bursts several times a day.
3. I love acoustic singer-songwriters who play in coffeehouses. They bring me peace and inspire my poetry.
4. My cat, Boo, has me completely wrapped around his fing ... er paws.
5. I never set my alarm or microwave for a multiple of five.
6. My favorite spot is the lower walking path of Raymondskill Falls in northeast PA. It is hard to reach this path and few know it is there. I find it to be a sanctuary and will visit it next week.
7. I have written over 570 poems to date. (As of January 2008)
8. I consistently notice when it is 11:11, especially in the morning.
9. I do not like cheese or tomatoes, but love thin crust pizza.
10. I am afraid of big dogs. Ever since my best friend's German Shepherd almost tore me apart, this has been true.

There you go.


Jack said...

Good...I enjoyed taking a break and reading Scott...most of this I knew.

STP said...

I think I finally figured out who this is. Yes, your son might have it a bit tougher on your first comment, but he's got you, so he will be fine.

Kathleen Mortensen said...

Wow! All that number stuff - are you superstitious? I tend to notice if it reads 666 on something, but only because I've seen The Omen too many times.
That must have been terrifying - being attacked by a dog. Were you very young?
I love Irish Wolfhounds - the largest dog on the planet, but they are also the most passive dogs you'll ever meet. You should try and interract with one and maybe you'll exorcise your fears.

STP said...

I am somewhat superstitious, but the 11:11 thing just seems to happen. The multiples of five is due to me being an oddball.

detroit dog said...

Funny that you are afraid of big dogs -- probably because I love big dogs. Through my twenties, however, I was afraid of small dogs; I was chased by a pack of chihuahuas when I was 9 (a neighbor was breeding them and they got out and chased me down the street nipping at my heels).

STP said...

Yes, the big dog thing was probably always there for me. The major incidence was when I was a late teen, if I remember correctly. LOL on the chihuahuas. Forgive me for being callous, but the image in my mind of the little dogs in black leather jackets, dark glasses and cigs out of the side of their mouth is clouding my perspective of this one, detroit dog.