Thursday, June 7, 2007

Slavery and Homosexuality?

I am currently reading a biography of Jefferson Davis. What strikes me each time I read the southern perspective of slavery from the 1770's leading up to the Civil War, is how the people who supported slavery come off sounding today. Their arguments for state's rights, inferiority questions, fear of financial loss, etc...., all ring hollow, of course. Ultimately, what I come away with is how unenlightened, small-minded, foolish, and often hateful people could be during those times.

Then I watch the news, read a magazine or surf the internet, and I find arguments against homosexuality, on issues ranging from "curing an illness," to marriage, to even associating with "those icky fags." My thoughts drift off again, and I wonder, will it take our country as long this time to reduce the lack of enlightment, small-mindedness, foolish thought, and hate?

Footnote: That includes Democrats who state they are for civil unions because they are too frightened to support gay marriage.


Jack said...

Interesting...I am discovering that my son is gay. I will always support and love him. But now fear of the public plagues me.

STP said...

First, I am certain your son is lucky that you will support and love him. Many parents do not. Good for you!! I don't know where he/you live, so that could make a difference, but the best one can hope is that our society is learning. He has a tougher situation then heterosexuals might, but with your help, he will be fine.