Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thoughts for today

1. Only a person who is disengaged from the people and will do nothing to help them would ever denigrate someone else for being a community activist.
2. For a guy, yogurt is a really difficult TV snack food. With one hand holding the container and the other handling the spoon, how do you work the remote?
3. This might be the best blog post I have ever read.
4. Who knew that when the glass ceiling was shattered it would not lead to a sunny sky, but a horribly, awful shard raining down upon us pretending to be something else.
5. I am voting for a man who is inspiring, agrees with me on most issues and will not act rashly or irrationally in the face of conflict. He happens to be black.
6. When FOX starts a news channel I will check it out.
7. C is STILL for cookie, and that is STILL good enough for me.
8. Do you think even Laura Bush deep down thinks he is a moron?
9. Why would anyone consider sitting up in a tree all day, drinking beer, holding a high powered rifle in some form of subconscious masturbation, waiting for a deer to stroll by before blowing its brains out to be sporting or manly? Cowardly, weak, cruel, and pointless come to mind, though.
10. I would be more open to the opinions of people who are anti-choice if they adopted and/or mentored young children in need. How come a fetus is of more value then the kids outside a woman's womb?


paisley said...

just came from sandy's.. you are so spot on with your analysis of that post... thank you so much for bringing it to my attention!!!!!

Michelle Hix said...

Every time I come here I am always amazed the way you nail what so many of us think and feel. Thank you!

STP said...

I have small elves who come to your homes as you sleep and steal your thoughts. I then post them here as my own. :-)

They stopped by the White House, but found nothing to take.

SandyCarlson said...

I enjoyed this, and I am very much honored that you linked my blog post!

I too am voting for that guy with vision.

And I (like to) believe Ms. Laura is mortified to death every time her husband opens his mouth.

Yogurt really isn't for anybody, by the way. That's why the yogurt guy at the store always leaves his little trolley in the way. He knows nobody really wants the stuff!

STP said...


Your post was THAT good and ... but I like yogurt(plain vanilla, though). :-(

Crafty Green Poet said...

excellent post, very good points you make

JM said...

I have to agree with them all, but #2 really brought a smile to my face!