Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ten Things We'd Be Better Off Without

1. The far right of the Republican Party.
2. Cablevision Corporation.
3. Pennies.
4. FOX News (Ok, that is kind of the same as #1).
5. Text messaging.
6. Geese. Have you ever tried to walk in your yard if geese have left deposits behind?
7. Organized religion (As opposed to a strong belief in God).
8. Daylight Savings Time.
9. Anything in a TV weather report beyond showing the forecast and a quick radar map. You can just put it up on the screen, so count TV weather reporters here, too.
10. Ties (As in the men's clothing accessory, not a 3 to 3 score).


paisley said...

i know i would be lost without cable,, as i only ever really watch turner classic movies......

and all those pennies, nickles dimes quarters??? i save every single one i get all year long and pay a years worth of car insurance with them once a year in march..... so while i think you are right about them being a waste,,, i still make good use of them...

everything else tho,,, yep,,, call the bomb squad.....

STP said...

Oh, don't get me wrong, my friend, I am in favor of cable television. It is the monopolistic nature of the cable industry, and in particular, Cablevision, that I abhore. It should be cheaper, the "anytime between 8 AM and 9 PM" service calls are cruel, they lie about problems with your reception (now the image freezes whenever I and others here change stations for about 3 seconds - they deny any problem), their contracting out of service calls to untrained outside vendors, their unwillingness to customize what channels we can buy, at a reasonable price, more in tune with our tastes, and their open disdain for their customers. I love cable television; just have someone else in charge.

I also collect my change and periodically have a nice deposit. The penny simply seems so useless. Stores seem mad when you give them pennies, vending machines will not take them, Abe already has the five dollar bill, and I am told the penny costs more to make than it is worth.

Some elaboration there for ya'!

JM said...

I'd have to agree with you on every one. And were you foreshadowing Flight 1549 with #6?

STP said...

Nope, just remembering far too much goose poop.