Sunday, July 17, 2005

It's time to wake up ....

... on a Sunday morning when your dreams are completely freaking you out! I was doing laundries yesterday, so apparently my mind was stuck there.

I was having a dream that my washing machine was backed up with a half-full drum of water, white socks and wide-egg noodles. How the noodles got in there is beyond all comprehension. I am a lousy cook; in fact what I do in the kitchen is rarely described as cooking and Italians in particular would call me a blasphemer on one dish, but I can assure you that I know not to put pasta in my washing machine with the socks (or without the socks for that matter).

Anyway, I panicked and called mom. Again, we are still in the dream. Mom told me about a secret, reverse cycle that would clean it out. However, it went into effect on my dryer, which proceeded to fill with water and leak onto the carpet. Of course, I have no carpet in my laundry room, but now both washer and dryer were in my office, our Human Resources manager, who is a friend, was telling me I needed to report this to maintenance at once, and my boss was standing over my desk, oblivious, sorting through the mail and asking annoying questions.

I had, had enough at that point, so I woke up. I have that gift; if a dream is too much, I can just wake up. Anyway, any pseudo-psych peeps want to tell me I need to be committed?

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