Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Scott's Island

What we will need:

1. Electricity. No way we can go without internet access. Plus, if we leave this fucking mess to the idiots who voted for Bush, it will be fun to watch them suffer the consequences.
2. A good stereo and lots of CDs.
3. Writing pads and a bunch of pens. I can't do poetry on the computer.
4. A supply contract with Guinness.
5. Suntan lotion. I burn.
6. A barbecue. Nothing like a good burger to make everything seem better.
7. A computer. See #1.
8. 50,000 books. Smart people read, so the people left in the U.S. won't need them anyway.
9. Someone who is really handy; kind of our version of the "Professor."
10. A giant litter box for all our cats. Catherine can bring her dog, though, too.

Ok, who's with me? I can't take this shit anymore!

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