Sunday, July 24, 2005

Lance Armstrong: It's not about the bike

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows about my cancer story. One thing about cancer is that you immediately feel connected to other survivors; especially those who shared the same type of cancer. Lance Armstrong and I both had testicular cancer. His spread and mine did not, so he had a tougher road, but we still have the bond of survivorship.

Due to this connection, I have followed Lance's domination of cycling as closely as anyone. Today Lance completed his seventh consecutive triumphant run through the Tour de France. To Lance Armstrong I say, "Well done, well done."

By all rights, Armstrong should have died as his cancer spread to his lungs and brain. However, superb doctors and Lance's incredible will to live beat the disease and he returned to active cycling and became the greatest rider in tour history. More than that, Armstrong became the poster child of courage and a role model to anyone struggling to defeat illness. His strength and fortitude is the goal of every cancer patient and a connection to every survivor. He is our face; the symbol of victory over illness. Lance represents hope and unyielding determination.

As Lance Armstrong stands proudly in the yellow jersey that tells the world that he is the champion of champions in cycling, also wearing his yellow "Livestrong" bracelet on his wrist that has so become a part of our daily lives, he rides off into a life of other challenges and interests. No matter what, though, his legacy will endure forever as a survivor.

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