Friday, January 11, 2008

Hafiz: There Could Be Holy Fallout

I related to this poem and it brought me the promise of hope.

There Could Be Holy Fallout

We are so often in battle.

So often defending every side of the fort,

It may seem, all alone.

Sit down, my dear,

Take a few deep breaths,

Think about a loyal friend.

Where is your music,

Your pet, a brush?

Surely one who has lasted as long as you

Knows some avenue or place inside

That can give sweet respite.

If you cannot slay your panic,

Then say within

As convincingly as you can,

“It is all God’s will!”

Now pick up your life again.

Let whatever is out there

Come charging in,

Laugh and spit into the air,

There could be holy fallout.

Throw those ladders like tiny match sticks

With “just” phantoms upon them

Who might be trying to scale your heart.

Your love has an eloquent tone.

The sky and I want to hear it!

If you still feel helpless

Give our battle cry again,


Has shouted it a myriad times,

“It is all,

It is all the Beloved’s will!”

What is that luminous rain I see

All around you in the future

Sweeping in from the east plain?

It looks like, O it looks like

Holy fallout

Filling your mouth and palms

With Joy!



Sandy Carlson said...

This is an interesting exploration of the notion of God's will and responsibility. This could set off quite a it has in my head!
Wrting in Faith

STP said...

And of looking for the things that bring a person happiness and value, even in their darkest moments.

I am glad you appreciate this piece. It connected to me on the highest of levels right now.