Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Political Limerick

Back in April of 2005, I received a site meter hit on the original version of this blog from someone doing a search for "Pervez Musharraf Limerick." I thought it a bit unusual, so I wrote the limerick below. Given Musharraf's inability or interest in rooting out terrorism in Pakistan, the increasing despotism of his rule and the murder of Benezir Bhutto, I decided to re-post it.

Pervez joined our terrorist fight
Though his Pakistan border's a blight
Al Qaeda is free
From all I can see
Seems his battle's more terrorist-lite

Copyright SGW 2005


catherine said...

Nice, especially given his recent 60 Minutes interview.

STP said...

I did not see that, but the poem seemed like it belong in this time given all that has happened and has NOT happened.