Sunday, November 7, 2004

Big Brothers Big Sisters

A bit of a change of pace for me today as the focus has been mostly on politics on this blog. I do have some charitable organization's links on my link list, and one is Big Brothers Big Sisters.

I am a three-time Big Brothers and serve on the local chapter's Board of Directors, so I would describe myself as being someone who knows a bit about the value of mentoring. Today was our annual awards brunch, and you can't help but realizing the value of the program. When you sit and listen, you understand what a difference mentors make in the lives of children in need. The kids generally come from a home with one parent or guardian, most are boys(but girls, too) and they belong to all social classes and racial backgrounds.

Statistics show the following about children in the mentoring programs of Big Brothers Big Sisters:
46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs;
27% less likely to begin using alcohol;
53% less likely to skip school;
37% less likely to skip class

Behind the numbers, evidence is crystal clear that matched children are more confident and get along better with their families. They become more socially adept on all levels.

There are reasons to volunteer as a mentor for selfish reasons, too. There are not to many feelings better than the drive home from a child's house when they have shown they appreciate you or have learned from you.

Click on the link. Find an agency in your area. Consider becoming involved. It is not that time consuming or difficult, and it is extremely rewarding.

I will answer anyone's questions, too, if you comment on my site.

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