Thursday, November 25, 2004


Today is my favorite holiday. Although my family does not fully understand that screwing with Thanksgiving tradition is not necessarily a good thing, it is still a really special day. Thanksgiving is about turkey (in our case barbecued, which is the best way to eat bird), potatoes of some sort, stuffing (although I am not a fan), cranberries or cranberry sauce (I am silly here, loving the canned cranberry sauce and preferring the indented top piece), and some pie or cake for dessert. It is also about watching football!

Goals for Thanksgiving:
1. Eating so much turkey that you cannot keep your pants buttoned by the end of the day;
2. Watching football - both games;
3. Hanging with family and friends;
4. Being grateful for all the food and good living relative to many others (and yes, I donated about a dozen turkeys to the local Food Bank);
4. Eating a bit more turkey.

Ok, on that note, go enjoy your day. Poetic Leanings will be quiet for the rest of the day, but will be back guns a'blazing on Friday!

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