Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Some good indy music

I found myself at "The Saint" in Asbury Park last night for Acoustic Night. I love the quaintness of this club, and the owner, Scott, is a gem. Anyone who works as hard as he does to keep indy music alive and well, deserves a plug here, and "The Saint" is currently celebrating 10 years bringing us good music.

I met Mimi Cross seven years ago when she was performing at an environmental festival, and try to catch her every so often. This singer-songwriter has a unique sound and style that can keep you listening for hours. Described as a cross between Ani Difranco, Joan Osborne and Alanis Morisette, this Jersey resident originally from Canada (if my memory serves me) is worth checking out.

However, I have often discovered the best music when I least suspected it, and last night was no exception. If you are in the NY/NJ/PA area, look up this sister act - The Pierces. These girls can sing!! Beautiful harmonies are the main course with The Pierces, and vocal ranges that will have you on the edge of your bar stool come often. They sing original material and have an album coming out at the end of January. Go to their website, find a date they are playing near you, and then go check Catherine and Allison out. After seeing them, you will be spellbound, too.

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