Thursday, March 20, 2008

Are we capable of growing?

I received two E Mails a few days ago, forwarded by friends. One claimed Senator Barack Obama (Of course, they add his middle name, Hussein, as if that automatically makes him dirty.) was a Muslim (Interesting, given the nonsense about Obama being responsible for what his Christian minister said a few years ago.). It went on to explain how a Muslim could not be a good American. The other E Mail called Obama a black militant, and referenced his half brother in Kenya (Again, as if that was proof that Obama would basically have whites shot on sight or thrown into pits filled with crocodiles.).

In 1960, people were spreading stories opposing JFK's election to the presidency because he was a Catholic. Some simply hated that in and of itself. Others figured, "Well, he is Catholic, so surely the Pope will decide U.S. policy."

Hell, even war hero Max Cleland, who lost both legs and an arm in Vietnam, lost his Georgia Senate seat in 2002 for being a "bin Laden sympathizer." Pathetic.

In 2004, another war hero, John Kerry, was vilified by a group of liars called Swift Vote Veterans for the Truth. Truth, uh huh.

Is it impossible for any Muslim to be a good American? How sad that some think so. If you take any religion, and apply that belief's book of worship 100%, including Christianity and Judaism, it would be impossible to be a good American. Proof of that is the radical, fundamentalists in this country today who follow their bible with full zeal.

We get E Mails, so whatever is in them must be true. Barack Obama is a Muslim. First, if he was, I could not care less. But, he is unquestionably NOT a Muslim. He is a Christian. Saying his middle name whenever mentioning him does not change that fact.

John McCain fathered a black child according to the Bush campaign in 2000. Untrue, but even those on the right sometime get slimed by ignorance.

Barack Obama is a black militant? Obama is half white! He was raised by his white grandparents. His two books, one written long before he ever likely considered running for office spoke tirelessly of coming together. He has preached that in this campaign. He has been forced to repeatedly fight racism, too, which is what all these Muslim and black militant pieces are about.

Obama's brother, who he does not live with, was not raised or schooled by and has not even lived in close proximity to, has said, " that the black man must 'liberate himself from the poisoning influences of European culture.'" So what. First, there is a great deal of truth in that for many blacks in Africa, a continent that has been brutalized for centuries by European oppression. Of course, that does not justify the violence of blacks themselves in Africa. Second, what one's brother says is in no way indicative of one's self.

Vote for Hillary because you think she would be a better leader and can manage the country more efficiently than Obama. Vote for McCain because you want four more years of Bush's bungled foreign policy and economic incompetence. Don't support Obama for reasons based on reality, the issues and the truth. E Mails of him being a Muslim or a black militant or responsible for people he holds no responsibility for are all about the color of his skin and fear.

I feel so hurt by people believing in the crap being E Mailed and spoken enough to perpetuate it. It makes me feel a sense of loss for a bit of respect for those folks, but also for our country, because I know many are buying into this stuff, when we clearly have a chance to go forward for a change and be more than we've been so far.


Michelle Hix said...

I am sooo with ya. I've been realizing lately how emotionally invested I am in all of this. My kids future depends on Obama winning this. America needs him.

Anonymous said...

Some people are merely sheep, to be lead around by anything, some of us THINK for ourselves and are very happy not to be in the public eye.

SandyCarlson said...

The Obama bashing clearly reveals the chauvinisms that are big in our country right now. Why are people so eager to find fault? Who among us takes full responsibility for what our associates say? Who would claim to support every doctrine of a church just because he or she worships in it? Faced with complex problems and big choices, we seem to hunt down--with a vengeance--the grossest simplifications.

(The Bush administration knows that; that's why they exposed Spitzer's prurient sex life before Spitzer could finish going after the banks that have brought our economy to a sad state of disrepair. But that's another topic. The point is, why act like dummies just because people treat us like dummies?)

STP said...

They are eager to find fault in what they fear (heaven forbid a progressive man of color!), but they ignore flaws of the white men who hold the power. Bush was arguably the most flawed candidate in 50+ years, yet he "won" in 2000. Then he proved those flaws and "won" in 2004. Hell 30% of the country still approves of his performance, so go figure.

As for Spitzer, I don't see any conspiracies on that one. He did so much good as AG in NY, but seemed to be in over his head as Governor. He chose to tangle himself with prostitutes and then played games with bank accounts; something his history as AG should have told him would not succeed. A sad demise to a promising career; but his own fault.

I am hoping that the voters in Pennsylvania and the other states ahead will not fall victim to some seriously cynical and immoral tactics out there of late.

Scott G said...

Well said. I agree that if you say one religion cannot be good Americans, then you may as well exclude them all. Especially those who call themselves good Americans but want to exclude those not like them.

See Example Here

STP said...

I will read.

STP said...

Don't even know what to say about these bigots. Say what you want about the plan, of which I know nothing, but disagree with it on merit, not ignorance.