Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thoughts for today

Thought #1: Why is it that a handful of supporters of two superb presidential candidates find it necessary to speak with such bigoted venom when criticizing the other candidate? President Obama or President Clinton; both have a nice ring. Progressives don't hate like this. Stop it! Leave that stuff to the frightened, small-minded right-wingers.

Thought #2: Am I the only person who finds the Burger King kinda' creepy?

Thought #3: My cat spends his days sleeping, lying in the sun, eating, watching birds, and getting his belly rubbed. Can I be a cat?

Thought #4: If I sleep on my side at night, will all of my worries slip out my ear and go away?

Thought #5: I want a wealthy benefactor for my poetry. Any volunteers?

Thought #6: If Florida can't figure out this voting thing soon, I say we sell them back to Spain. Enough is enough already!

Thought #7: Let's all meet in New York City one Saturday, read poetry to each other in Washington Square Park and then go have a few Guinnesses.

Thought #8: If there was no music in the world, I'd wish for someone to invent it.

Thought #9: We are going to need a helluva' lot of cleaning products (environmentally safe, please) on January 21, 2009. There sure is a huge mess to clean up.

Thought #10: When I get under the covers, the boogieman can't get me. See ya'!

One Day Later Thought #11: I have an incredible craving for ginger bread snaps.


Scott G said...

Did someone say Guinness? I think there was other stuff, but all I got was "have a few Guinnesses."

STP said...

Ha!! You crack me up. You get the first glass.

SandyCarlson said...

Seven is a perfect thought. I'm another taker for a Guinness. (Poets need to keep up with their iron....)

Melissa Donovan said...

I don't think it would be so bad being a cat, especially my cat. Or yours!

Melissa Donovan

STP said...

Mine is happily cleaning himself on my living room chair right now. What a life.

Michelle Hix said...

Regarding #7 - This made me laugh because I've been suggesting to my blog friends around that world that NYC is the most central location for us all to meet someday.

Michelle Hix said...

Re: #11 - I've been known to almost eat an entire container of ginger snaps when I'm craving them!

STP said...

Some day we will all do NYC. I never got the ginger snaps. :-(