Friday, March 7, 2008

Readers' Choice

For my next posted poem, which do you want from the below?

"Little Things Lost" : About the small things lost due to the Iraq War;

"A Cinquain" and "Another Cinquain" : Which are two poems using that form;

"Where" : A sad poem.

I am taking a chance here that someone will actually vote!

Update: Voting has been mixed and light so far, but returns are not in from all districts yet, plus the caucus results need to be accounted for .... what the hell am I talking about!? Too much CNN. Look for the selection Sunday night!


Angelica said...

"Little Things Lost" sounds interesting. I'd like to see your take on what has been lost due to the war.

birdsword poetry said...

"Little Things Lost" is my my vote also. It sounds interesting to me.

Noah The Great said...

Where is my vote.

Poetikat said...

All your stuff is good, but I'm in the mood for a sad poem. (Must be this crappy weather.)

Melissa Donovan said...

I am going to go with:

"A Cinquain" and "Another Cinquain" : Which are two poems using that form;

because then I'll be surprised by the subject matter :)

Melissa Donovan

SandyCarlson said...

How will your superdelegates affect the outcome?

I'm all for the sad poem.

(A write in, if possible: One Single Impression's prompt for this week, which is kindness....)

STP said...

Ok, first of all, Melissa, I was punished for the comment thread on your site. I volunteer as a Big Brother and my "Little" wanted to see "Semi-Pro." Ugh!! If anything happens to Will Ferrell, I will be blamed, but he is simply awful and this might have been his most un-funny film!

Sandy, yes, I made note of the prompt, but nothing hit me yet. The change prompt came in the car last week.

The voting appears in, we are not waiting for Florida and Michigan to have a do-over, and it appears sadness wins. The other two will come in the not too distant future.