Sunday, March 13, 2005

Late nights on a caffeine high

It is late at night and I am home from the coffeehouse I frequent and I cannot sleep because I had two cappuccinos tonight and I wrote two poems which perhaps I will share at some point and perhaps I will not but the music was wonderful as I got to hear a performer I like a lot named Jim and another I had never heard before who is named Janey who was a brilliant storyteller and we spoke afterwards and had an interesting connective vibe on art however brief and I was really impressed with a song she had about religious hypocrisy and now I am home and I am contemplating the poems I wrote and will review them some more tomorrow before I commit them to my collection, type them and put a copy in the safe, a copy in binder form and a copy on my hard drive because I am also an anal accountant who is really, really organized and that left side of the brain, right side of the brain conflict makes for interesting inner battles of the mind but now it is time to pace around the house while the caffeine coarses through my veins and I can't sleep and my mind races and I have spouted out these thoughts on my blog and good night.

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