Thursday, March 24, 2005

My weekend in the wild begins

I am spending a four day weekend in the Poconos with my mom and her husband and their lakeside cabin. As I try to figure out why I left my no snow zone for the nine inches up here (I had to shovel upon arrival), the first day winds down.

In these parts you see loads of deer and the occasional bear looking for food, but we just had a fun experience. A raccoon decided to knock over a box on the front porch. Sorry buddy, nothing to eat in there. Gutsy little bugger. We turned on the light and watched him from the window and he did not budge.

Usually, I come up here in warm weather and get to visit my favorite waterfall, Raymondskills Falls, but with the snow, I doubt that that will be on the agenda. Hopefully, we can spend some time in the quaint little town nearby, but mostly it is good to just get away. There will be no sitting on the dock with a book either.

Does my writing seem more elevated today being that I am in the mountains?

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