Sunday, March 6, 2005

Ten People who should disappear

With the news covering Martha Stewart and Michael Jackson being non stop on the part of the MSM, it made me think of the top ten people in America who I would like to see vanish from the public eye. I disqualified all political figures. Who are these vile creatures? In no particular order:

1. Donald Trump: He is ugly, obnoxious and completely full of himself. Watching his show for me is a violation of the Geneva Conventions. I see him and I think - human vomit.

2. Michael Jackson: Is he even human? A walking freakshow and quite possibly a child molestor, he has not even made a reasonably, good album in twenty years and grabbing his crotch seems to have become hist best dance move. He seems to even have infected Janet with his insanity.

3. Martha Stewart: From all accounts she is a mean and vicious woman who puts on her happy face to rake in the dollars. Does she really have anything to do with this homemaker crap she tries to sell? She is a law breaker; it's as simple as that.

4. Larry King: The biggest kiss ass in the media, there is no softball question he will not ask. He is a pitch man for various products and I can't see why. Do you trust his opinion? I do not.

5. Britney Spears: At first, she was a teeny bopper who could not sing, dance or complete a sentence. Now she is a Madonna wannabe combined with trailer park trash AND she still cannot sing, dance or complete a sentence.

6. Sean "Puffy," "Puff Daddy," "P Diddy" Combs: Ok, he is a brilliant marketer. Anyone who can sell "Puffy" has to be good because he has less talent then Britney and has yet to find a song whose riff he will not steal. Is there a video of one of his acts he has not been in? The fashion sense of someone who got dressed in the dark just adds to his nothingness.

7. Rush Limbaugh/Sean Hannity/Bill O'Reilly/Ann Coulter: Essentially one person, these four can't equal up to one brain between them. They lie, distort and slander. They promote fear and hatred. They are small people whose smallness is equaled only by those who subscribe to their idiocy.

8. Dr. Phil McGraw: Talk about cracker jack psychologists. This guy is scary because people actually believe he has a clue. He is the definition of dickhead. In my gym, Oprah used to sometimes be on the TV with no sound. When Dr. Phil was on, even with no sound, you could just sense what a dickwad he was.

9. Dick Vitale: The mouth that would not shut up, Dicky V. makes it hard to get through even a Duke - North Carolina game. He yells, he screams, he thinks he is bigger then the game. His PTPers and jumping from subject to subject can lead a sane person to throw large objects at the television. The worst part of Vitale is that while he knows all the names, his analysis of college basketball is pathetically poor.

10. Paris Hilton: She inherited money up the whazoo, but little else. Hilton is an empty slate, not attractive, down right cheap and sleazy, and has never done anything of value in her life.

These are my top ten most vile creatures in America. Please, someone make them go away.

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