Saturday, October 15, 2005

Ambition is not chasing dollars

Yes, I am an accountant. I live a somewhat comfortable life. However, I have also maintained my artist's persona as a poet and have turned down countless opportunities to advance my accounting career. Why pass up the bigger bucks? Don't I want to be a Vice President or some other trifling title?

No, I do not, and for that some call be lacking in ambition. I believe I am loaded with ambition. I wish to save the world. I volunteer many hours to various causes. I create poetry that seems to touch many people. I seek out the energies of the world. I explore God, spirituality and nature. I am highly ambitious; just not in the sense of some others. I find their way to be missing out on life.

While reading Cynthia Yoder's, "Crazy Quilt: Pieces of a Mennonite Life," one paragraph caught my attention. I find it re-affirming of my view on ambition.

"In my work ethic book, the arts do not appear anywhere. My plan appeared under the 'selfish' heading and was cross-referenced under 'leech.' But I decided to close that book and put it on a shelf, where hopefully it would be eaten by worms and pooped out as psychic compost."

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