Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thinking about the weather

Katrina did not devastate New Orleans because of the culture of that city. Wilma is not beating down a path on Florida, as the handful of storms did last year, because that state made a mess of the 2000 election. Storms don't care about blue states or red states.

We have more major hurricanes, horrific tsunamis, much more severe weather patterns, increased snow and rain accumulation, and a warming of the planet that is far beyond safety levels because of mankind. We have abused this planet, mistreated it, shown it no respect or love, ignored its needs, looked at it as our own personal possession, and put ourselves above all the other life-forms of this world. For that Mother Nature has struck back with a vengeance and will continue to do so with increasing wrath.

Everything is connected. Like the story says, a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil and it causes rain in New York. If we continue to screw up this planet, we insure our own destruction.

Remember that next time you litter, throw a cigarette out a car window, mindlessly kill animals, over-develop, drive an SUV, favor laws that allow for polluters to flourish, don't force alternative energy sources upon our society, and dump waste into a river. You are committing suicide.

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