Sunday, October 16, 2005

Gay in L.A.

Here I am now, in California; first in L.A. with my brother and now in San Diego with him and his gay cadre of merry men in tights (Ok, that part is not so far-fetched.), and so far, I am able to report to the fundamentalists the world over, that I feel no symptoms of gayness overtaking me. It's amazing! I thought for sure that the gay mind control techniques they employ would break me down. Ha! I was worried about sharing a bar of soap in the shower with my brother. Nothing! To my girlfriend, I am safe - to this point - and remain firmly hetero.

Maybe the wingnuts in this country, who provide us all with an endless chatter on homosexuality, are simply of a small-mind, fearing what they do not understand, and what God has created. Hmm. Just a thought.

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