Wednesday, October 12, 2005


My girlfriend's family makes homemade applesauce and I was the lucky beneficiary of some of this delicious effort. Yummy! Anyway, I am reminded of the first poem I learned way back when I was about ten years old. I do not recall the author or source.

There was an apple sitting on a railroad track feeling blue and cross
Around the bend came number ten, toot toot, applesauce!


Anonymous said...

I also remember that as well.. it was on an old record that had cowboy songs on little brown jug.. big rock candy mountain..I have been trying to find the record for years as i have a vague recollection of listening to it in my youth..I have a picture in my mind of cowboys sitting around a fire and chuck wagons. On the album cover.

STP said...

Cool! I did not know the back story you mention. I had a book in grade school called "The Corny Joke Book." God knows what happened to it, but I have always remembered this poem. I even taught it to my nieces.

Anonymous said...

The record is called It's Roundup Time